Why 1Forex Signals?

A live and third party verified track record, no back testing here.

At forex Signals we do not believe that back testing results can provide an investor with accurate data to make an educated investment decision.  This is why we provide our clients with a live track record that allows them to see how our strategy performs with real money and in real trading conditions not hypothetical ones that can be easily manipulated.

forex signals

Follow the Trades of Professional Full Time Money Managers & Traders

When you sign up with 1forex signals you not only will be receiving market insights from our trading team, but you will also have access to the top performing trading strategies of 1forex Investments.  All trading signals that are broadcasted to our clients are coming straight from the desks of the money managers and Forex traders over at 1 Forex.

We have a VERY selective trader selection process and as per now our guidelines are very strict since we only want the best of the best traders in the world.  Of all the traders that apply to become a 1forex signals trader, one out of twenty to fifty applicants is selected.


High Performance Forex Alerts Straight From the Desks Of the Pros

We believe that to achieve Forex trading success you must be able to get optimized entries and avoid getting in the market when the levels of volatility is too high. We analyze each entry thoroughly to ensure we provide only the best of the best trades to our clients. After entering the trade we monitor and manage the trading signal until it reaches our take profit or until we believe  it has achieve an optimal exit.


Fast Delivery Via Email, Online, SMS, or Automated Through Our Copy Trader Solution

Our signals are very flexible and can be delivered to you in several different ways. You can receive our alerts via email, SMS, in our members’ area or you can select to join our auto trading program to have all trades automatically copied into your account.

Risk Control & Money Management Are A Priority In Every Alert

All of our trading signals come with a defined stop loss and have taken money management into account. From time to time we will be conducting webinars for our members to educate them on how to strategize their exits and take profits.

Access The World’s Best Trading Strategies & Trade Aside Institutional Traders

The asset management team over at 1forex signals currently manages several multimillion portfolios for institutional clients, high net worth individuals, family offices, and private investors globally. When you get access to the 1forex signals you will be gaining “behind the scenes” access to our trading floor and famous trading strategies. Our traders have an extensive background in hedge fund trading, institutional level trading services, and FX Funds management.

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